Best of Super Bowl Commercials

Now that we have returned from Super Bowl parties this weekend, we start the week and we not only review the game but the commercials with friends and co workers. The game was certainly very interesting in that it came down to the last minute but there were some interesting commercials as well. The best one, I think, was the Nissan commercial titled “With Dad.” As the song “Cats in the Cradle” was playing, a baby was born and as we see this kid grow up he is watching his father on television on the racetrack. They never really see each other, which is the theme of the song, until the father picks him up in a Nissan to spend quality time with him. It was a great commercial evoking the importance of family and spending time together because time is precious.

Another commercial that inspired me on a personal level was by Microsoft and titled “Empowering Us All.” In this commercial they focus on a double amputee kid with prosthesis named Braylon and it showcases how technology is helping him to walk. Technology is key in measuring his gait and using this collected data can help Braylon to walk better. As a handicapped individual myself I am starting to rely on technology such as Dragon, a talk to text software, and beginning to investigate new technologies that can assist me in my everyday life. Microsoft is right that technology is here to empower us all, including the disabled, to live a better life.

Some commercials seemed to focus on making the world a more loving place. McDonald’s featured a commercial and campaign in which they allow a certain customer a free meal if they, for example, call a loved one or just say something positive to the person they brought with them. Coke’s commercial had a similar theme and in it they show teens that were receiving a mean message on their phone and then the camera shifts to a man in a server hub spilling Coke. As it spills, the messages change to something positive therefore implying that Coke spreads happiness. These are the type of messages that the world needs to hear right now. This past year was filled with violence, anger, hatred and a large portion of the world has been engulfed in war. We all need to reevaluate ourselves and learn to make love not war. I’m afraid that I just sounded like a hippie, but oh well it is an important message.

Well that was the best of the Super Bowl commercials in my book. I hope you enjoyed my analysis. Please leave comments below about your favorite commercials yesterday.


About thewheelworld91

My name is Mike and I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in history. I am disabled and afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy so I'm in a wheelchair. I have been looking for a job for over a year with no luck. However, i have some non profit experience and interned at a museum. Other than that I've been going to events for my disorder and doing fun activities such as video games and using the internet. This blog will focus on being disabled, US and international politics/affairs and video games or whatever is on my mind.
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One Response to Best of Super Bowl Commercials

  1. Maria Cuddy-Casey says:

    Keen points once again Mike- nice job. I actually did not see many of the commercials, but I did notice the over-arching theme of positive social influence. I agree that we as a society need to re-evaluate ourselves and ask “how are we going to make a positive change in the world”. Thanks for making us think further about this!

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