Moments and Opinions on the Democratic Debate

Dem 2016 Debate

Martin O’Malley, right, speaks alongside Bernie Sanders, left, and Hillary Clinton, center, during a Democratic presidential primary debate Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015, at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

There was another Democratic Debate on Saturday and there were some interesting moments but the topics have not splintered much since the other two debates. Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley all seemed to attack the rhetoric of Donald Trump. They all agree that his fear mongering over groups of people such as Mexicans and Muslims simply has gone too far. Clinton alluded that Trump’s antics are responsible for recruiting more terrorists. She literally said that videos of Trump are actually being used to recruit them. That is a bit of a stretch but the point is made that spouting hatred towards Muslims helps terrorists to falsely prove that we are at war with Islam.

Clinton virtually dominated the debate on a variety of topics. She revealed her knowledge on the Syria crisis and she proposed possible solutions that call for a democratic transition. This transition would require the ouster of Assad. She took some heat over this idea because when she was Secretary of State, she assisted in proposing the overthrow of Qaddafi, which set Libya into utter chaos. Sanders opposed the idea and suggested that the Muslim nations form their own coalitions to lead the charge against ISIS in Syria. That is a great plan because their coalition would know how to weave between the different cultures and ethnic or religious groups without creating chaos and fomenting more conflict between these groups. O’Malley even disagreed with Clinton, basically saying that we do not need to be the policemen of the world and suggested that USAID should have more of a role in assisting nations in crisis.

Even though I may have agreed with Sanders and O’Malley, Clinton certainly has far more foreign policy experience. Sanders seemed to be playing defense the majority of the time. He first was asked about the DNC breach of voter data from Clinton’s campaign and he had to apologize for the mistake of his staffer. Sanders said he wants people to know that he is running a fair campaign and has no tolerance for misbehavior. The most memorable moment from Sanders was when he defended himself over O’Malley’s statements undermining his commitment to gun control policy. O’Malley and even Clinton refer to Sander’s legislation that seemed friendly to the NRA. Sanders was angry about this and said that you cannot doubt his courage in dealing with pro-gun people and he stated that there needs to be a consensus over the legislation for it to work.

One thing that is bugging me about Sanders is that he keeps bringing up things that are wrong about America but does not specifically mention how to deal with it. I like that he wants to hold Wall Street and the top 1% accountable but it may be easier said than done. These are very powerful individuals who could probably halt legislation towards their activities with just a little green. It also concerned me when he stated corporate America would hate him as President. I believe some companies actually do care but even ones that may be considered greedy, you still need to work with them on compromises. Like he said previously, there has to be a consensus in order for negotiations to be successful. This is where Clinton succeeds. As Secretary of State she had to handle multiple crisis and compromise with tough individuals and leaders in order to reach agreements. In some of these instances, human lives were at stake and in these instances, there were positive outcomes. Wars were prevented, paused and unrightfully imprisoned citizens were freed. I know many people do not like her for a variety of reasons but her skills at policy decision and negotiation are impeccable. Currently, she seems most likely to be ready for the Presidency.


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