Reality of the 2016 Election


Now that both political conventions have concluded, we must wait until November to elect our future President. I am quite worried about this election for that there is a possibility that a demagogue like Trump could be our leader. He has said despicable things towards many groups of people especially women, Latinos and the disabled. However none of his comments are destroying his chances and that is scary. Like many news commentators have acknowledged; Trump has said so many bad things that everybody is used to it and are not as shocked. Trump’s comments really revealed his true, ugly colors during this past week. His comment that encouraged Russian hackers, who breached the DNC emails, to hack into Hillary’s server was treasonous. He basically told our enemies to cyber-attack our country. The problem with Trump is that he does not think before he says something and that is a dangerous trait to have when leading a nation.

Trump has also shown his incompetence in terms of foreign policy. Recently, he has stated that he will not assist NATO (especially Estonia, a NATO ally) if they were threatened by Russia. NATO has kept Europe safe for years because of unity among allies especially the United States. Trump is playing right into Putin’s hands. If our nation leaves NATO, Russia will be emboldened to make more land grabs into Ukraine and other buffer states. Putin wants to bring back the old empire and regain the territory that Russia lost in the Cold War. The world would turn chaotic if that happens. Trump has even admired Putin and dictators like Saddam Hussein, Mussolini and Kim Jon Un.

I don’t know how much more I can say to prove that Trump is a dangerous man. He has continually referred to our military as weak and has disrespected our veterans. Trump recently disrespected the Khan family whose son sacrificed himself by serving for country in Iraq. Mr. Khan had strong words for Trump that he has made no sacrifices. Trump’s response was that he has sacrificed much by creating jobs. He has certainly sacrificed his wealth to make it happen because I guess money is worth more than someone’s life. This man should not be anywhere near a leadership position in the United States. But if he loses this election, I’m sure he could be an adviser to Putin in Russia.

After engaging in fiery debates on Facebook, I realize that many people also do not trust Hillary. The media has been intense blowing up Hillary’s past mistakes almost every day. But if you ignore all that noise for just a moment you can see that Hillary has done many positive things and has adept skill at negotiating. She has stood up for human rights, pushed for peace and has fought for deals that combat climate change. One important issue that she interceded in was the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It was a continuous problem during her reign as Secretary of State but she did her best to put pressure on Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abba to create a feasible solution. Clinton encourages that a two-state solution is necessary for lasting peace. Netanyahu was promoting the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which made relations worse and worse. Palestinians want to cease the settlements, want to take steps to create a Palestinian state and require East Jerusalem as their capital city.

Clinton brought both leaders to meet with each other at the UN but the leaders were too stubborn to agree to anything. Sometime after the meeting, however, Netanyahu decided to freeze settlements for 10 months and Abbas delayed a vote on the Israel War Crime Report. This created temporary peace for a while, but tensions soon rose again in 2012. Over a thousand rockets were fired from Gaza and Israel was on the verge of launching a ground attack. Clinton went to see Netanyahu in Israel, Abbas, then to Egypt (acting as intermediary for Hamas) in a matter of hours and convinced all parties to agree to a unilateral cease fire. The cease fire lasted well over a year until 2014 when war broke out again. Even though Clinton did not solve the conflict necessarily, she certainly made an effort to cool the flames and created peace in the present time that she was Secretary. That was essentially a hard choice, since a practical solution was not available she had to make the decision to create a secondary solution that at least temporarily paused the conflict.

Hilary Clinton had the most success interceding in issues regarding human rights. When she visited Myanmar (Burma), a semi-democratic nation, she learned about the plight of a political prisoner named Aung San Suu Kyi. Since the 1980’s, this woman has tried to guide the nation towards a democratic future but every time her party had partial success, she has been imprisoned for a period of time. She was under house arrest and her sentence was increased when a Vietnam Vet from the US breached security to reach Kyi and possibly save her. This made her miss the 2010 election in Myanmar. Clinton had to spring into action to free the vet and negotiate the release of Kyi. It took a while but Clinton got though to the leader of Myanmar, Thein Sein, and freed Kyi and eventually allowed her party to run in the 2012 elections. Sein also as a result passed important laws protecting human rights and easing restrictions on the media. Kyi and her party won many seats in Parliament and is working for a democratic future.

In another instance, Clinton had a more complicated human rights situation in China regarding political dissident, Cheng Guangcheng. Cheng was a blind human rights activist who was under house arrest after filing a lawsuit against the Chinese government over unjust repression. Cheng actually managed to escape and reached the US embassy in Beijing. The timing was awful because Clinton was headed to Beijing to an economic summit so this situation could have put a damper on relations. Clinton and the embassy interceded in negotiations with the Chinese and they all agreed to allow Cheng to attend law school in China and to continue studies at NYU. So Cheng was released and suddenly had a change of heart and wanted him and his family out of the country for fear of repercussions. Clinton worked hard to renegotiate another deal and it seems like the Chinese were so aggravated that they just let Cheng move to America. However, this situation did not spoil relations or the summit. Cheng is living in America with his family and attended law school.

Hilary’s foundation has continuously donated and supported many charities especially in Africa. There is even one program that Hillary supports which provides stoves and cookware to women of low income families. A lot of the positive things that she has done shows that she really cares. In the examples that I mentioned, it shows that Hillary is a strong negotiator and will not stop until an issue is resolved. This is the trait that you need to be a strong leader. She is on our side and I believe she can make America even greater than it is today.

Before I leave here, I need to warn people about voting for independent or libertarian candidates in this election. It is great that there is technically a third option but these candidates such as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein are unknown to majority of Americans. Gary Johnson has reached 13% or so in the polls but that is simply too miniscule. Voting for these candidates is basically a protest vote and it is like throwing your vote away. Many people who are thinking of voting this way equally hate both the Republican and Democratic candidates. Yet I should urge people to at least consider Hillary because Trump absolutely should not be anywhere near the Presidency. I truly think that voting independent in this election will take votes away from Hillary and give it right to Trump. Be forewarned when you vote and really think hard and imagine how disastrous a Trump Presidency could be to our nation.


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My name is Mike and I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in history. I am disabled and afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy so I'm in a wheelchair. I have been looking for a job for over a year with no luck. However, i have some non profit experience and interned at a museum. Other than that I've been going to events for my disorder and doing fun activities such as video games and using the internet. This blog will focus on being disabled, US and international politics/affairs and video games or whatever is on my mind.
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