SNL Presidential Impersonations


Over the past few decades, Saturday Night Live has poked fun at various politicians and Presidents. Sometimes the President would even host the show and leave themselves open to jokes. When any president has been on the show, they were able to play along and respect the show’s first amendment rights. Donald Trump, on the other hand, cannot seem to play along and take a joke. We all have heard him complaining about the show’s portrayal of him as President. He continually calls the show overrated and unmatchable. Yet it is funny to note that when he hosted the show in late 2015, he was boasting how wonderful Saturday Night Live really is. He is so hypocritical that it is out of control.

In the episode that he hosted, the cast went soft on him. It was irritating when they seemed to be letting him boost his ego in his monologue. The only jab at him was when they had Larry David yell out into the crowd, “Trump’s a racist!” Trump seemed perturbed for a moment but laughed it off when Larry said he was paid to say it. Most recent episodes, however, are making fun of him constantly. But he really is asking for it because his tirades and inflammatory comments feed all the jokes. It is simply too easy; the jokes write themselves.

Even his staff is open to poke fun at. Melissa McCarthy had done an amazing job of embodying Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary. It is funny because he has got to deal with the media backlash of Trump’s comments so he appears constantly annoyed. In Melissa’s impersonation, she picked up on that and in a skit she is yelling at the media, chasing them around with the podium, and squirting water at them.

Overall it seems that the only thing Trump and his administration is accomplishing so far, is making Saturday Night Live great again.

Other Presidents and Presidential candidates have been able to take jokes in stride. Hilary Clinton has been portrayed various times on SNL, namely by Amy Poehler and Kate MacKinnon. In an episode almost a decade ago, Clinton meets her counterpart (Amy) who laughs maniacally for a few seconds. Clinton certainly took it in stride and said, “Do I really sound like that?” Even though SNL did poke fun at her, Hilary always had respect for her impersonators as shown in this video.

In a recent skit, Hilary and her counterpart (Kate) are at a bar. As Kate portrays Hilary, Clinton acts as a bartender. There were some mild jokes about Hilary being a grandmother and they both laughed about destroying Trump in the Presidential race. The SNL writers did take a jab at Clinton by noting her delayed acceptance of gay marriage officially. However, Clinton played along and didn’t complain or anything after the show.

Here are examples of other Presidential impersonations, namely Will Ferrell as George W. Bush and Jay Pharaoh as Obama.


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