Reflections From My Chair #9

I haven’t done any writing recently since this summer became a stressful and busy whirlwind of events. My father is recovering from surgery, my grandmother was in the hospital after a bout of pneumonia and I was sick as a dog. I was so bad that at one point I was struggling to get air. It was a scary moment for me because despite of my disorder, I could always breathe normally. I suppose I am not as strong as I used to be and that is beginning to terrify me. Yet my doctors do believe I am okay and do not think I need a ventilator. Many that have Muscular Dystrophy at my age need a ventilator in order to breathe. Because of all these things, I haven’t been in my pool in a month. There was simply no time and I wasn’t healthy enough to withstand 90 degree weather. I am definitely getting back in that pool this week!

In other news, I am getting some sales for my self-published book, “My Wheels Keep Rolling.” (Link to my book: For those that haven’t known about my book, it is about my life with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. I not only wanted to shine a light on this disorder but use my stories as a guideline for others with MD to understand what it takes to persevere through life’s struggles especially school. Also I hope that my stories could help families realize that a meaningful life is still possible regardless of the diagnosis. I have been trying to think of ways to market my book but I am honestly not sure what else to do. I have used social media and have gotten most of my sales from family and friends. So I basically know everybody that bought it. However, I have gotten a few sales from strangers on account of my grandmother while she was in the hospital. She was telling all of her nurses about my book.

I am not in this for the money particularly but I am slightly disappointed that I cannot seem to market the book to those who would most benefit from it. I am happy, however, that I could accomplish the task of publishing a book so I guess I should be content with that. Despite the minimal sales from my book, I am still motivated to start on my next book. I am in the process of brainstorming a historical fiction novel. My basic idea is to write about a superhero that travels back in time to prevent a demon from changing history for the worse. I may not self-publish this book but I am hoping a publisher may be more receptive to a novel rather than an autobiography.


About thewheelworld91

My name is Mike and I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in history. I am disabled and afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy so I'm in a wheelchair. I have been looking for a job for over a year with no luck. However, i have some non profit experience and interned at a museum. Other than that I've been going to events for my disorder and doing fun activities such as video games and using the internet. This blog will focus on being disabled, US and international politics/affairs and video games or whatever is on my mind.
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