The Scary Future of Trump’s America


For the first time in my life, I am afraid for the future of America. This was not a typical election between a simple Republican candidate and a simple Democratic candidate. Trump was clearly not qualified to be the leader of this great nation and lacks the proper temperament. Many disliked Clinton but she was obviously the lesser of two evils. We knew what we would get with her but Trump is a wild card and there is no telling how he will lead. I’m not scared of that uncertainty because I know how terrible that he will be.

Trump’s foreign policy will be a total disaster. Putin is most excited to have a puppet that will do what he wants. Trump has stated that he will not assist NATO (especially Estonia, a NATO ally) if they were threatened by Russia. NATO has kept Europe safe for years because of unity among allies especially the United States. Trump will play right into Putin’s hands. If our nation leaves NATO, Russia will be emboldened to make more land grabs into Ukraine and other buffer states. Putin wants to bring back the old empire and regain the territory that Russia lost in the Cold War. The world would turn chaotic if that happens.

Our relations with Mexico will certainly be strained. If Trump has a Republican Congress, he may just get his wall. Then getting Mexico to pay will be an outright fiasco and may push our countries close to war. Also destroying NAFTA may just disrupt the Mexican economy enough that they cannot even afford the wall. This plan seems counter-productive. Even if they do provide some funds for the wall and he uses income from American taxpayers for the rest; that money will be taken away from schools, welfare, Social Security, transportation and roads. Above all, the wall is a complete waste because illegal immigrants will just tunnel under, go around by boat or smuggle in another way. This is the 21st century not medieval times, walls are completely useless.

Another problem I see is an increase in terrorism. If Trump is truly serious about a ban on Muslims, we are in trouble. Terrorists will see this as a direct assault on Islam and prove to possible recruits that America is at war with Islam. Trump’ attitude will not scare these terrorists, it will only strengthen them. Also banning Muslims or Syrian refugees is completely against our American values. Our nation has and always has been a safe haven for those fleeing war or religious persecution. Even Lady Liberty has a plaque that states, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Should we just close the door because we are afraid? No, because there is already a system in place to vet immigrants coming into the country. It’s not like they are coming in, no questions asked.

Also Trump’s plan to locate and deport illegal immigrants is unfeasible. It seems like he wants to go door to door to crack down on them. That is totally insane and reminds me of Nazis searching for Jewish families. If his policy is to round them all up, how will he deport all of them? They will need transportation and food and it could get expensive. I’m imagining that there will be a camp of illegals locked up awaiting clearance to return to where they came from. I’m sure in this situation, these illegal immigrants will not be treated fairly and some may even die. Our nation may start to resemble Nazi Germany if we don’t pay attention. Also many illegal immigrants take jobs that nobody else wants. Who will replace them?

Many people are concerned about their rights as well. The LGBT community has achieved marriage equality and are afraid that will be taken away. Trump wants to let the states decide about marriage equality, which would devastate many who planned to marry. People should have the right to live how they please. Also I’m concerned about my rights as a disabled individual. It seems that Trump has no respect for the disabled and he won’t make life any easier. I’m somewhat worried that he may crack down on Social Security and limit benefits. Even though I try hard to find work, I sort of rely on these payments for income and health insurance.

I see that much of this could happen but I do hope that I am wrong. Even though Republicans seem to have control of Congress, it appears that not all Republicans are in full support of Trump. Trump does not fit the typical Republican mold, which may be enough to halt his crazy policies. Our representatives in Congress will need to step up and speak up, for they are our only hope. We as citizens need to be watchdogs and speak up when something is not right and not be intimidated in the media by Trump.

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Battlefield 1 Review

As some of you may know, Battlefield 1 just came out on October 21st. I luckily made it to the mall and picked it up. Since then, I spent a considerable chunk of my weekend playing this game and boy is it fantastic. This game obviously is not the first of the series, as the title implies, but it focuses on the battles of World War I. Before diving into multiplayer matches, I played the single player missions. The campaign was divided into six separate war stories. I really enjoyed the first few stories. In one set of missions, you are part of a tank crew that is to break through the German lines. You get to capture sectors by rolling your tank through hardened defenses and it was amusing taking down multiple enemies in this indestructible machine. These tanks were not known for maneuverability but they could take a pounding. I didn’t worry about tank damage in these missions until the last one in this section. In that part, you had to face a column of tanks that were difficult to counter. Yet you can use buildings for cover and it becomes easy to complete the onslaught.

My second favorite war story focuses on a soldier who wasn’t supposed to be flying. He impersonated a pilot and moved on to training missions. While training, you get into a minor dogfight and uncover an enemy base. I was amazed at how easy it was to fly and I made quick work of those German pilots. Throughout these missions you get into tense dogfights and destroy anti-air weapons. In the last section you have to defend London from bombing raids. It was pretty simple until the Germans brought two large attack blimps. It was time consuming to bring down since the blimp had so many anti-air guns. It was a hell of a sight to see it go down in a huge ball of flames. The other war stories were decent but were more difficult. Those missions required more stealth especially in the desert. I am very bad at stealth and I ended up shooting everybody. It did remind me of the Far Cry series because you had to scout an area to tag enemies and decide how best to attack.

The multiplayer matches are amazing as well. Like most Battlefield games, there is conquest and rush. But there is something inherently different for there is a mode called Operations. There is a storyline with each operation and it features rounds that take place over two maps. You have to attack or defend a sector at time. It is essentially like rush but instead of setting bombs, you conquer the sector. If attacking and your team takes the sector, you move on to the next one. If defending and you prevent the attackers advance, the round is essentially over. But that is easier said than done for the attacker seems to have more firepower in terms of tanks and planes. This mode is really awesome and it makes the battle more interesting and rewarding.

My only complaint is the guns. I am struggling to find a gun that I like using. From single player missions, I figured out what I liked but it will take some time to unlock in multiplayer. In the Battlefield classes, such as assault, you need points called war bonds but you also need to reach a certain level in your class to unlock certain guns. It turns out the guns I like are the most points and the highest level. So I’m stuck with the default MP 18, which actually is not that bad but it is just not too accurate. On the other hand, the tanks and planes are fun to use. I prefer the heavy tanks since they are hard to destroy and many times, I have lasted almost an entire match in the tank. The planes are okay but it handles different from the planes in single player missions. I’m a terrible pilot so I avoid the air if I can. Overall this is an impressive game and I have to give it a 10/10 despite the issue with the guns. I’m usually very picky and rarely rate anything a perfect 10.

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My Opinion on the 2nd Presidential Debate


After last night’s Second Presidential debate, Trump’s campaign seems to be finished. He completely failed in explaining his joke about sexually assaulting women without consent over a decade ago. He downplayed the incident by calling it “locker room banter” and apologized to America. Yet he stated these lewd comments when he was 59 years old. If he said it at that age, it simply shows how immature and disgusting that he is. His temperament is the opposite of presidential. Trump really went low in saying that his comments were just words and accused Bill of doing worse. He was told by advisors and the media that this was a bad idea but as Clinton said, “Trump just runs his campaign any way that he wants.”

This nonsense took up quite some time in the beginning of the debate. Clinton did take jabs at Trump for his previous comments that offended a wide variety of people. I’d hate to repeat all of that for it makes me feel like throwing up. Anyway Clinton seemed to be the only one fully answering all the questions. She realizes that there are problems with Obamacare and, unlike Trump, wants to fix it, not abolish it. When both candidates were asked how to combat islamophobia, Clinton revealed that she wants to make Muslims feel comfortable in our country for our nation was built on religious tolerance. However, Trump showcased his islamophobia by basically saying that Muslims need to report extremist Muslims. (Like they know about all other Muslims.) Even though Trump changed his mind about banning Muslim immigrants, his idea of extreme vetting will ensure that nobody gets into the country.

In terms of foreign policy, Clinton was on point and had more information. She stated what we need to do to fix the Syria problem by holding Assad and the Russians accountable. She also considered arming the Kurds to essentially combat ISIS. But she was firm on not sending troops on the ground. Yet it seems Trump wants no parts of countering Assad in Syria for he believes the Syrian regime is killing ISIS. Even though they want to focus on killing the country’s rebels. This debate was pretty sloppy. There was less focus on the issues and more name calling. Trump barely answered any question and wanted to berate Clinton the entire time. If the debate questions were essays on an exam, Trump would certainly fail for rambling and deflecting. Clinton would have been okay for she focused on providing the best answers for the American people. That is simply the reason why she is more presidential and according to Trump, “she never gives up.” Clinton will not give up fighting for the American people.

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Rodrigo Duterte: Democratic Dictator of the Phillipines


I realized that I have not written any blogs recently about international politics. I have been focused on derailing Trump. This time I will write about another demagogue named Rodrigo Duterte, who has been elected the President of the Philippines a few months ago. In the late 1980’s, Duterte was the mayor of Davao, which was a city flooded in crime and murder on a daily basis. As mayor, he supposedly organized death squads composed of vigilantes to kill drug dealers, petty criminals and even those that opposed him. At least 2,000 people were killed. He was even reported to personally finish off some of these targets. Believe it or not, he somehow restored law and order to the city. The problem is that now he believes the same logic will apply to the entire country.

The Philippine government is a democracy that functions very much like the United States with three branches of government. There is certainly a system of checks and balances but it apparently has no power. Duterte back then and now has taken the law into his own hands and has ordered numerous extrajudicial killings. Many that are killed are only suspected criminals or drug users so their Intel could be incorrect. Since being elected at least 500 have been killed. According to the Washington Post, “the street executions are taking lives without trials or proof of criminality. Drug addicts and abusers who need medical attention and counseling are getting a bullet instead.”

His supporters like the hard line he takes on drugs since it is such a rampant issue yet this is not the way to approach it. As stated by Sheila Coronel of the Atlantic, “Duterte’s uncouthness and vulgarity, by contrast, are the source of his broad appeal. His supporters applaud his vulgar rhetoric, so different from that of the feckless and fork-tongued politicians who have failed to address the country’s myriad problems.” However, in Duterte’s efforts to achieve law and order, he has created complete chaos. I can’t help but relate this past quote to the rhetoric of Donald Trump. Many in America have grown tired of government inaction that they believe a character such as Trump will shake things up. Yet this is where the similarities end because Trump has not proposed extrajudicial killings to achieve his plans. What we can learn, however, about characters such as Duterte is that dictators can take form in a democratic environment. If you vote for somebody to be your leader that is noticeably dangerous and uncompromising, know that there is no turning back.

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Reflections From My Chair #7

Over the past few months, I have sent about a dozen queries to publishers for my autobiography. The majority of these publishers did happen to respond after a while but they were simply not interested. Most of them just could not take on any new projects while others just preferred not to get involved with autobiographies. Apparently autobiographies are very difficult to market. Sending queries to publishers is the traditional way to get a book published. It is the first step but I am getting aggravated that I cannot get by this step. It is frustrating because my book is finished and I am waiting so long for a publisher to want to work with me. I’m anxious to begin the editing process and finally start manufacturing my books for sale.

I also know that many people have had success in self-publishing their books. There are various ways to do this and sometimes one needs to provide their own funds to print their books. I have heard of a self-publishing company that has a system that allows you to create your book easily. I am not sure if I would need to provide any payment for this service but it is great that this company can market my book through large retail mediums such as Amazon.

However, I am not completely satisfied with this route of publishing. I fear that my work will not be considered professional. If I self-publish my book, I will not have the guidance of a professional editor to perfect my work. I can edit well but when it is my own work, I am not as critical as I probably should be. I would certainly have others like my parents read it over but they are not professional editors either. I really do not know where to go from here. I do not want to keep wasting my time sending queries to uninterested publishers yet I do not want to self-publish a book that’s not properly edited. I am a perfectionist and I accept nothing less than perfect.

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Reality of the 2016 Election


Now that both political conventions have concluded, we must wait until November to elect our future President. I am quite worried about this election for that there is a possibility that a demagogue like Trump could be our leader. He has said despicable things towards many groups of people especially women, Latinos and the disabled. However none of his comments are destroying his chances and that is scary. Like many news commentators have acknowledged; Trump has said so many bad things that everybody is used to it and are not as shocked. Trump’s comments really revealed his true, ugly colors during this past week. His comment that encouraged Russian hackers, who breached the DNC emails, to hack into Hillary’s server was treasonous. He basically told our enemies to cyber-attack our country. The problem with Trump is that he does not think before he says something and that is a dangerous trait to have when leading a nation.

Trump has also shown his incompetence in terms of foreign policy. Recently, he has stated that he will not assist NATO (especially Estonia, a NATO ally) if they were threatened by Russia. NATO has kept Europe safe for years because of unity among allies especially the United States. Trump is playing right into Putin’s hands. If our nation leaves NATO, Russia will be emboldened to make more land grabs into Ukraine and other buffer states. Putin wants to bring back the old empire and regain the territory that Russia lost in the Cold War. The world would turn chaotic if that happens. Trump has even admired Putin and dictators like Saddam Hussein, Mussolini and Kim Jon Un.

I don’t know how much more I can say to prove that Trump is a dangerous man. He has continually referred to our military as weak and has disrespected our veterans. Trump recently disrespected the Khan family whose son sacrificed himself by serving for country in Iraq. Mr. Khan had strong words for Trump that he has made no sacrifices. Trump’s response was that he has sacrificed much by creating jobs. He has certainly sacrificed his wealth to make it happen because I guess money is worth more than someone’s life. This man should not be anywhere near a leadership position in the United States. But if he loses this election, I’m sure he could be an adviser to Putin in Russia.

After engaging in fiery debates on Facebook, I realize that many people also do not trust Hillary. The media has been intense blowing up Hillary’s past mistakes almost every day. But if you ignore all that noise for just a moment you can see that Hillary has done many positive things and has adept skill at negotiating. She has stood up for human rights, pushed for peace and has fought for deals that combat climate change. One important issue that she interceded in was the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It was a continuous problem during her reign as Secretary of State but she did her best to put pressure on Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abba to create a feasible solution. Clinton encourages that a two-state solution is necessary for lasting peace. Netanyahu was promoting the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which made relations worse and worse. Palestinians want to cease the settlements, want to take steps to create a Palestinian state and require East Jerusalem as their capital city.

Clinton brought both leaders to meet with each other at the UN but the leaders were too stubborn to agree to anything. Sometime after the meeting, however, Netanyahu decided to freeze settlements for 10 months and Abbas delayed a vote on the Israel War Crime Report. This created temporary peace for a while, but tensions soon rose again in 2012. Over a thousand rockets were fired from Gaza and Israel was on the verge of launching a ground attack. Clinton went to see Netanyahu in Israel, Abbas, then to Egypt (acting as intermediary for Hamas) in a matter of hours and convinced all parties to agree to a unilateral cease fire. The cease fire lasted well over a year until 2014 when war broke out again. Even though Clinton did not solve the conflict necessarily, she certainly made an effort to cool the flames and created peace in the present time that she was Secretary. That was essentially a hard choice, since a practical solution was not available she had to make the decision to create a secondary solution that at least temporarily paused the conflict.

Hilary Clinton had the most success interceding in issues regarding human rights. When she visited Myanmar (Burma), a semi-democratic nation, she learned about the plight of a political prisoner named Aung San Suu Kyi. Since the 1980’s, this woman has tried to guide the nation towards a democratic future but every time her party had partial success, she has been imprisoned for a period of time. She was under house arrest and her sentence was increased when a Vietnam Vet from the US breached security to reach Kyi and possibly save her. This made her miss the 2010 election in Myanmar. Clinton had to spring into action to free the vet and negotiate the release of Kyi. It took a while but Clinton got though to the leader of Myanmar, Thein Sein, and freed Kyi and eventually allowed her party to run in the 2012 elections. Sein also as a result passed important laws protecting human rights and easing restrictions on the media. Kyi and her party won many seats in Parliament and is working for a democratic future.

In another instance, Clinton had a more complicated human rights situation in China regarding political dissident, Cheng Guangcheng. Cheng was a blind human rights activist who was under house arrest after filing a lawsuit against the Chinese government over unjust repression. Cheng actually managed to escape and reached the US embassy in Beijing. The timing was awful because Clinton was headed to Beijing to an economic summit so this situation could have put a damper on relations. Clinton and the embassy interceded in negotiations with the Chinese and they all agreed to allow Cheng to attend law school in China and to continue studies at NYU. So Cheng was released and suddenly had a change of heart and wanted him and his family out of the country for fear of repercussions. Clinton worked hard to renegotiate another deal and it seems like the Chinese were so aggravated that they just let Cheng move to America. However, this situation did not spoil relations or the summit. Cheng is living in America with his family and attended law school.

Hilary’s foundation has continuously donated and supported many charities especially in Africa. There is even one program that Hillary supports which provides stoves and cookware to women of low income families. A lot of the positive things that she has done shows that she really cares. In the examples that I mentioned, it shows that Hillary is a strong negotiator and will not stop until an issue is resolved. This is the trait that you need to be a strong leader. She is on our side and I believe she can make America even greater than it is today.

Before I leave here, I need to warn people about voting for independent or libertarian candidates in this election. It is great that there is technically a third option but these candidates such as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein are unknown to majority of Americans. Gary Johnson has reached 13% or so in the polls but that is simply too miniscule. Voting for these candidates is basically a protest vote and it is like throwing your vote away. Many people who are thinking of voting this way equally hate both the Republican and Democratic candidates. Yet I should urge people to at least consider Hillary because Trump absolutely should not be anywhere near the Presidency. I truly think that voting independent in this election will take votes away from Hillary and give it right to Trump. Be forewarned when you vote and really think hard and imagine how disastrous a Trump Presidency could be to our nation.

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My Thoughts On Obama’s National Conversation

obama 2

Source: Politico

I happened to watch some of President Obama’s conversation last night and I agreed with many points that he made about race relations in America. The past weeks have been quite tumultuous following the fatal shootings of two black men by police officers. There is certainly a lot of mistrust for police officers as a result but I do agree with Obama when he mentioned that we are not as divided as we seem. Our country has come so far and it would be somewhat false to say that race relations are at its worst. Back in the day there was rampant segregation and the black community was ostracized for their skin color. However, today the black community is more integrated within society. Yet there are still some issues and racism still rears its ugly head from time to time.

The problem today is the mistrust of the police. Obama did mention that there needs to be more communication specifically between the black community and the police. He went so far as to suggest that officers should be at schools in the community to forge trusting relationships. It is not a bad idea, for if you have an officer become a mentor to young kids, they will respect their profession more. Some kids may respect them so much that they will want to become a police officer safeguarding their community. In this way, these kids will understand at an early age that officers want to protect them and mean no harm.

Right now it is understandable that the black community is afraid. There is certainly an element of racist police officers in our society that may be more dangerous to black individuals. Yet these bad officers do not represent all police officers. I am disgusted whenever a situation arises and an officer goes too far. Yet I’m more disgusted when some people vow violent backlash and treat all officers with disdain. I’ve watched a few videos recently and protesters are calling officers pigs and murderers and also attempting to provoke them. All cops should not be treated in this way because of one bad officer’s actions. I also heard of people that were interviewed on the news saying that the police should be disbanded. That idea is a non-starter because without police, there would be complete and utter chaos.

Something certainly does need to be done. Obama’s idea of better communication is great but there should be more training for officers. Police Departments should receive more funds to account for this. They need to be trained to use more non-lethal means of taking down criminals and individuals who are simply non-compliant. There are tazers and pellet guns but maybe there should be more research to find more creative ways to subdue somebody. Maybe the answer lies in training officers to talk in such a way that calms individuals down. I have heard stories of officers who have never fired their service weapon in their entire career and had a way of peacefully stopping somebody from doing something stupid. One officer that I knew, even went the extra step to mentor young men that he arrested. This may be the missing link in fostering a healthy relationship between police officers and all communities especially the black community.

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